Hydraulic system issues for convertible roofs

Owners of convertible Jaguars should pay attention to any leaks but even more if they start to experience slower folding and unfolding of the roof. The hydraulic system can get over time tired and pipes can split. The leaking hydraulic fluid can do excessive damage to upholstery and interior of vehicle. Replacing broken hydraulic pipes […]

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Land Rover Steering lock module issues

Replacing faulty steering lock module on Land Rovers is not extremely time consuming but this process needs steady hands. This can be one of the more common faults with Land Rovers as they start to age. We’ve striped and replaced dozens of them over the years so we are well practised with this issue. If […]

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Seat cover upgrades

As Land Rovers and Range Rovers are quite high vehicles so climbing in and out of the cabin can over the years damage, split or wear the seat. In our workshop we have been replacing worn seat covers together with new insert cushion to gain original support of the seat.

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